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Dearborn Snow Removal Guidelines

Dearborn snow ordinanceThe city of Dearborn is one of Michigan’s crown jewels and as such, the City aims to keep the area beautiful and safe – even in the dead of winter. To this end, the City has implemented snow removal guidelines, enforceable by City officials. Though Dearborn prioritizes areas that are heavily traveled by pedestrians (think areas near schools or businesses), all properties that have public sidewalks are required to shovel or remove snow. Failure to do so can result in Dearborn taking action to remove the pesky snow and ice themselves. Though this sounds like a relief (Whew, I don’t have to shovel now!), you will receive a bill from the City for the removal service PLUS a minimum $75 additional fee (YIKES!).


Dealing with Dearborn snow removal policies

Dearborn snow plows keeping the roads clearYou’re probably thinking, “Okay, what does this mean for me?” Here are a few guidelines to consider as you plan your snow and ice management this winter. Whether you work with Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service or another service, hopefully this helps. But we really want you to work with us!

  • Dearborn property owners must keep sidewalks and ramps clear of ice and snow.
  • Snow accumulations of 3 inches or more must be cleared from sidewalks and ramps.
  • Property owners have 24 hours after snowfall has finished to remove ice and snow from public sidewalks and ramps leading to crosswalks.
  • Do not place discarded snow or ice in the street.
  • Property owners are responsible for clearing adjacent crosswalk ramps – even crosswalks on street corners – when 3 or more inches of snow has accumulated, and/or when any amount of ice has accumulated.


For more information about Dearborn snow removal guidelines, visit here


If you don’t want to bother with remembering the guidelines, or you simply don’t have time, give us a call to discuss working with us this winter season. We are happy to shovel snow from your driveway, sidewalks, or porch. Just give a call to discuss options! 313-603-3538