Dearborn Heights snow plowing is unlike anywhere else. At Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service we have what it takes – extensive experience and quality equipment – to get you through Michigan’s winter blues. As you know, winters in Michigan are beautiful for taking pictures and gazing out of the window, but it can also be a deadly time for people traveling – even within your neighborhood. No matter whether you want your driveway cleared, street plowed, stairway cleared, or anything in between – you can count on Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service to provide quality Dearborn Heights snow removal services. 313-603-3538


Cars buried in Michigan snowWe understand that Michigan winter storms are sometimes unexpected and can cause major challenges for property owners. But at the same, you can’t let snowfall affect your ability to get to work and get your family to their designated locations. We can customize a snow removal and maintenance program for your facility whether you want snow plow service on a per snow basis, or you want to secure continuous snow and ice removal service throughout the winter season. Call us today to discuss your Dearborn Heights snow removal plan.313-603-3538


Dearborn Heights snow removal services we offer:

  • Snow plowing
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Driveway clearing
  • Sidewalk ice removal and maintenance
  • Snow salting services
  • Stairway and porch clearing

Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service is proud to offer snow removal services to the following cities: Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Inkster.