Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service is a professional Dearborn snow removal service serving Dearborn and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a reliable Dearborn residential snow removal company to ease your winter blues, you’ve come to the right place! 313-603-3538


Cars buried in Michigan snowAs Michiganders, we’ve all experienced it: wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, and run out of the door. Only to find Mother Nature left us a gift while we slept. Several inches of icy, fluffy, white gifts. Thanks, Mother Nature! So now what do you do? Risk being late for work and getting the kids to school so you can shovel your way out of the house? Or risk falling and injuring yourself as you brave through 4 inches of snow on your porch? Decisions, decisions. Be late or get hurt? This decision doesn’t have to be hard – let us help. Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service is an affordable, reliable, and professional snow removal company that offers residential snow removal and commercial snow removal services the cities of Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Inkster. 313-603-3538 


Snowy street in MichiganThere are few things more beautiful in nature than the dusting of freshly-fallen snow over a canopy of trees. But this beauty can quickly because a safety hazard – particularly when a dusting becomes 3-4 inches of a heavy, icy snow mixture. Some people do fine with shoveling an inch or two themselves. Or even hiring a neighborhood kid to shovel the snow. But when we get deep into Michigan’s winter season, you probably find it difficult to maintain clear walkways using either of those methods.


Living in Dearborn, Michigan, you are well aware of the dangers that come with regular snowfall. Neglected walkways become impossible for pedestrians to navigate, and walking from your driveway to your house can become an impossible and dangerous mission. Consider calling us today to schedule professional residential snow removal service to keep your home safe. Using a professional Dearborn snow removal company will free up precious time that you can spend with your family, work on your business, or simply enjoy an extra cup of hot chocolate. So give us a call and let us handle your snow and ice woes. 313-603-3538


Snow removal company lets you enjoy your time off

Let Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service save you time and energy this winter.

Local Snow Plowing Service


Dearborn snow removal services we offer:

  • Commercial snow plowing
  • Residential snow plowing
  • Snow removal
  • Shoveling
  • Salt application
  • De-icing
  • Sidewalk and stairway maintenance


Dearborn Snow Removal Services

A professional snow plowing company in DearbornArctic Detroit Snow Removal Service is dedicated to providing all of your Dearborn snow removal needs. Whether you want to pay a flat fee for continuous snow removal monitoring throughout the winter season, would rather pay monthly for snow removal services, or even if you’d rather pay for snow plowing on a case-by-case basis, Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service has a plan that will work for you. Complete our short form to get a quote, and one of our snow removal experts will get back with you. Or, simply give us a call to learn more. 313-603-3538


Great for providing local snow plowing services for elderly or disabled family and neighbors who should not risk shoveling heavy snow. Call us today to schedule Dearborn snow removal services for you and your loved ones. 313-603-3538


Choose the best snow removal company in Dearborn

Many people are hesitant to secure residential snow removal services because they’re afraid of the cost factor. Have no fear – Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service provides affordable snow removal services that won’t break your bank account. We don’t believe having a snow-free driveway and sidewalks should be a luxury. That’s why we make our snow and ice management services accessible for every budget. Whether you want to pay 1.  a flat fee to cover snow removal for the entire winter season; 2. A monthly fee to retain snow removal service, or 3. On a case-by-case basis for snow removal, we have a snow and ice removal plan that will work for you! Give us a call today to discuss your options 313-603-3538


We take pride in our workAnother concern potential customers have is shoddy work. Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service is a professional snow removal, snow plowing, and snow shoveling service serving Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Inkster. Our snow removal experts are experienced and pride ourselves on providing our customers first-class service. It doesn’t matter if you hire us to clear snow or ice for one snowfall event, or whether you’ve contracted us to cover your snow and ice management all season – you can expect the highest quality of work from us. We approach every job with the same care, attention, and quality we use to shovel and plow the snow at our own homes. Give us a call to experience our five-star service! 313-603-3538


Yet another concern of potential clients is, “What if it snows and my contractor doesn’t show up?!” Don’t worry! We pride ourselves on being reliable for our clients. One of the worst things in the world is to be promised a service and then the business reneges on what was promised. We’ve all experienced it and it sucks. The safety of you, your family, and your neighbors is of the utmost importance to us. When you call and schedule snow and ice removal services from us, you don’t have to worry. We’ll be there! Prepared, efficient, and skillful – ready to keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow. Give us a call today to get on our snow removal schedule. 313-603-3538


Preventing Icy Conditions

Icy conditions cause roads and walkways to become more dangerousTo prevent icy conditions in between removal sessions, use chloride-based ice removal substances. Snow removal agents like rock salt and cat litter are great for melting snow and ice on your property.


Arctic Detroit Snow Removal Service uses professional ice removal agents to ensure your sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots are safe for your family and customers. Give us a call to discuss your snow and ice management plan for the winter season! 313-603-3538